Recognized for their diverse interior design studio, WB Interiors broadens their design portfolio with the interior design of a custom built modern home.

If you were to close your eyes and think of modern design what do you see? Do you see a sleek, luxury waterfront Miami home? Maybe you see a New York City penthouse overlooking Central Park. Typically the setting of a modern home would match its surroundings and location. However, our new clients are the exception to this norm, they chose the setting for their modern home to be amongst the quiet and calm mountains of Northwest Georgia. Our WB Interiors (WBI) team partnered with A Classical Studio (ACS) to create the client’s vision of their dream home.

ACS is an award-winning residential architectural firm specializing in designing luxury Southern homes for the past 13 years.

Senior Project Manager, Mallori Hamilton was approached by David Grace, president of ACS and architect of the project, with the proposal to lead the interior design of a new construction home located in the Georgia mountains. “WBI has always worked great with ACS. We work as team on both exterior and interior. It’s a true team collaboration.”

WBI has over 30 years of design experience and is most notably known for our corporate and commercial design, but working in residential spaces is not a new endeavor for Mallori or anyone else on our team.

“I have done residential work since I started my career in interior design; it’s quite the dichotomy from commercial design. It poses different challenges but also different rewards. We [at WBI] love it,” Mallori explains. “Our team is lucky to have such a diverse range of projects. Residential design is a great change of pace and gives us another area of expertise we offer, that may transfer over into our commercial projects – and vice versa.”

We are currently working on three residential projects, two large gut remodels in the Metro Atlanta area, in addition to this 10,000 sq. ft. custom home. The classic design expertise of ACS and our modern design approach is an ideal collaboration to create “a modern house with a classical feel” exactly what that the client is looking for.

“This home is going to certainly look and feel modern, with exposed edges, expansive spaces and large open windows, images that would typically pop into your mind when you think of a modern home,” ACS explains about the home’s design. “But it is in the elements of plan, circulation and organization in the footprint of the house that correlate to classical architecture.”




“The home is fully custom, therefore, it gives us the opportunity to think outside the box and find new innovative solutions to the clients needs,” says Mallori. “The clients have a great eye for modernism and art. They don’t want anything “cookie cutter” or standard. As requested, much of the design will be original and customized to them. Two of my favorite elements of the house are the large 35’-0” wall that punches through the house. The feature wall is an incredible focal point from both the interior and exterior. It helps bring the outside in, which is a primary theme and concept we have throughout the encompassed design. The master bedroom will be a fun and calming oasis for the clients. It incorporates numerous architectural soffits and details, along with a vast corner window allowing the natural views to wash into the room. The classic layout and modern design came together amazingly.




Our interior designers are no strangers to creating spaces that are unique and customized to the client; we use our breadth of experience and unique adaptive process to approach any and all challenges.

“The home owners love color! The biggest design challenge was incorporating all of their color requests into the home while achieving a cohesive flow from room to room,” Mallori states. “For example each guest bathroom is a different color with its own intricate tile patterns.”




As construction of the home started this past January the entire project team is looking forward to the client’s dream home becoming a reality. The construction is anticipated to be an 18-month build out process.

“Residential modern design is becoming more prevalent in Georgia. Our clients just happened to be one of the early adopters who are willing to take modern home design outside of the metro area; which is new in the South. It’s been such a fun project. We’re hoping to do more residential work in the future, we’re really enjoying it.”